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Writing Our Future: American Creed

Through its many stories, set in a range of big cities, small towns and rural areas around the country, the documentary American Creed wrestles with key issues in America today, including opportunity for all, the meaning of citizenship, and the challenge of meaningful civic participation and dialogue.

American Creed premieres Feb. 27 at 9/8c on PBS. Broadcast of this documentary program marks the launch of a robust public engagement campaign including community conversations, classroom activities, an essay contest, and a suite of digital shorts—all designed to foster reflection and dialogue about freedom, fairness, opportunity, and the meaning of citizenship.

How to Get Involved

You and your students are invited to add your voice to the conversation about American Creed.

Bring the film to your classroom or learning center and support young people in responding through writing, art, and media. Teens (13+) and young adults are invited to publish their responses in the National Writing Project's American Creed youth publishing site (coming February 27, 2018).

  • Review the Prompts: There are five prompts available as an open invitation for youth to write in response to American Creed. For each prompt we've put together extended text and related resources .
  • Work the Film into Your Curriculum: Teachers can use the film in whatever way fits their local curriculum and youth interests. Adapt the prompts to your context and teaching style.
  • Publish Your Students: Sign up your classroom or learning space to use the American Creed youth publishing site to have your students publish their work (beginning February 27, 2018).
  • Sign Up: American Creed premieres Feb. 27 at 9/8c on PBS. The American Creed youth publishing site will open at the same time and remain open throughout the spring into the summer, 2018. Sign up to receive updates and news about educator opportunities related to the film.
  • Join a community of educators who are also imagining ways to use American Creed , and these invitations to write, with young people in their classrooms and communities.


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