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Continuity programs and structures are designed to support the ongoing professional community of teacher-consultants and foster their shared commitment to improving the teaching and learning of writing. As part of the professional community, teachers participate in the leadership of the site through teacher-consultant councils and advisory boards, and through a variety of opportunities that build knowledge about the discipline, professional development, and classroom practice.

The following resources offer information about approaches to continuity and sustainability from selected sites.

Teacher Leadership

A writing project site depends on teacher-consultants to lead its work and share the responsibility for conducting its activities. These resources include information about approaches to supporting leadership at local sites. More ›

Models and Programs

Teacher inquiry programs, study groups, professional reading groups, writing groups, and other types of learning communities keep teachers engaged in the writing project and support their continued learning. The resources below offer examples of approaches to continuity at selected sites. More ›

Featured Resources
Continuity in Action: How Sites Extend the Summer Institute

Writing Project sites offer a range of opportunities for teacher-consultants to extend and deepen the work of the professional community beyond the invitational summer institute. The following resources offer glimpses into a rich variety of continuity opportunities at local sites. More ›

"Powerful Continuity": Leveraging Lessons of the LSRI Experience

The Southern Nevada Writing Project's research of its Family Writing Project revealed three different areas that could have implications for the future of all of its continuity programs: developing a culture of writing, developing community, and developing professional efficacy. More ›

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