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Inservice refers to the broad category of professional development offerings provided for schools, school districts, and individual teachers throughout the year. The resources below are as varied as NWP's inservice models and include ideas for marketing and financing, starting an inservice program, developing content for inservice programs, designing inservice, creating long-term partnerships, and organizing open programs.

School-Year Programs

Writing project sites employ a variety of forms of professional development, among them workshops, coaching and mentoring, model lessons, and study groups. These programs are designed by the site to meet the needs of the schools and are led by teacher-consultants. Explore the resources here for examples of these programs. More ›

School Partnerships

An NWP site often establishes partnerships with schools, school districts, or county offices as part of its inservice work. A partnership is a formal collaboration between a writing project site and school or district with the intent to offer a variety of learning opportunities, often over a number of years. It includes shared goal-setting, planning, and reflection/assessment. Resources in this section include descriptions of partnerships designed by a sampling of NWP sites. More ›

Open Programs

An open program is a type of inservice designed by an NWP site and offered to interested teachers in the service area. Open programs often focus on specific issues related to the teaching of writing. They vary in length and format, including one- or two-week summer short courses, sessions on Saturday, and school-year courses. Participants in open programs may choose to apply for the invitational summer institute. The resources here provide a sampling of open program designs. More ›



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