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NWP's invitational summer institutes give teachers time to write themselves. Summer institute writing activities are not limited to personal writing. A variety of genres—creative, nonfiction, professional writing—support the institute's inquiry into the practice of writing. NWP's E-Anthology provides teachers with a national audience.

The resources below describe the variety of approaches to writing in the invitational summer institute.

Writing Equals Advocacy for West Texas Writing Project

Jonna Perrillo's summer institute op-ed project brought teachers' classrooms and educational opinions into the community's homes. Perillo points to the range of creative work that can be supported by the time and strategies the New-Site Leadership Institute provides. More ›

Blogging the Summer Institute

The Technology Liaisons Network supported Bonnie Kaplan in exploring weblogs, which she then brought to the Hudson Valley Writing Project's summer institute. Her site is just one of many that are beginning to learn from the process of blogging the summer institute. More ›

Electronic Portfolios as Catalysts for Change in the Summer Institute

The Marshall University Writing Project found that electronic portfolios helped document the work of teachers in its summer institute and were a meaningful form of professional development because teachers were placed in the role of learner. More ›

Professional Writing in the SCWriP Summer Institute: Letter to Summer Fellows by Sheridan Blau

Sheridan Blau, director of the South Coast Writing Project at the University of California in Santa Barbara, gives new summer institute participants the following piece, which examines the genres and purposes for professional writing in the institute. More ›

Working Writing into a Comfortable Fit

Even though Karon Henderson thought of herself as a confident teacher of writing, it wasn't until she attended the Central Texas Writing Project Summer Institute that she considered herself a writer and experienced all the discomfort writing can entail. More ›

The E-Anthology: A Catalyst for Professional Writing?

The E-Anthology was established to encourage teachers to write about their summer institute experiences, share classroom practices, and discuss key issues in education. How can the online forum include more professional writing as a platform for discussion? More ›

Professional Writing Retreat Handbook

Recently revised by retreat coordinators, this new edition of the Professional Writing Retreat Handbook offers advice about planning, funding, and conducting a retreat to support teachers as writers. This 93-page booklet also provides tools and resources to help sites design local retreats, including such things as deciding pre-retreat readings and the role of facilitators. More ›

Well-Seasoned Teacher Thrives at Summer Institute

A middle-school teacher for twenty-eight years, Carol A. Lafrance finds she can still be a learner when she attends the Third Coast Writing Project's summer institute. More ›


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