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Recruiting and Selection

Each NWP site strives to have a diverse and experienced group of teacher-leaders participate in the invitational summer institute. Recruiting and selecting teachers is essential to its success. Since the institute is a critical access point to the writing project community, sites pay particular attention to ensuring that its participants reflect the diversity of the service area.

The following resources provide examples from writing projects that have developed successful recruitment and selection processes.

Changing the Face of Leadership: Redesigning the Summer Institute to Invite Diversity

The Greater Kansas City Writing Project realized that its leadership and activities didn't reflect its service area, so it made difficult but valuable changes to its summer institute with the support of Project Outreach 3. More ›

A Work in Progress: The Benefits of Early Recruitment in the Summer Institute

Site leaders at the Southern Arizona Writing Project needed to increase their pool of summer institute applicants, so they created a plan to recruit early. More ›

The Key to Recruiting: Teachers Nominating Teachers

Carol Tateishi, director of the Bay Area Writing Project, discusses strategies for summer institute recruitment. More ›

Recruiting Tips for a New Site: A One-Year Story

Site Director Liz Stephens describes her strategies for promoting the new Central Texas Writing Project and recruiting for the site's first invitational summer institute in 1998. More ›

"Recruiting Diversity" from Teachers at the Center

In this excerpt from Teachers at the Center Carol Tateishi describes efforts of the Bay Area Writing Project to recruit a diverse and representative pool of teacher-leaders. More ›

"How the Writing Project Became Inclusive" from Teachers at the Center

Denise Patmon recounts the early—and continuing—efforts of the NWP to find "a place for lifting every voice in a writing project." More ›

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