#StayinTeaching Team Presents at NWP Spring Meeting

A group of teachers from the Northwest Arkansas Writing Project presented on #StayinTeaching, an initiative which aims to keep early-career teachers in the profession with mentoring and support. The initiative is part of the Building New Pathways to Leadership project.


"The need for authentic mentoring was also identified as important for early-career teachers. The study found that mentoring can grow and extend from networking experiences. Further, the study found that effective mentoring is authentic, relationship-based, and not focused on fulfilling mandated, prescriptive requirements.

To begin meeting these needs, the #StayinTeaching project created events that targeted early-career teachers. These included virtual events that were quick and accessible, using venues that early-career teachers were predisposed to such as Google Hangouts, Twitter chats, Facebook, and podcasts. But, more traditional meetings were included as well, because early-career teacher also described a need for face-to-face interactions. In a variety of ways, the #StayinTeaching project addressed needs identified through their study."

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May 23, 2018

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