Students Connect With Nature and Curiosity in Central Arizona Writing Project Young Adult Writing Program

Writing and science intersect as students connect through writing to sustainability, conservation, and their local environment.

"'The idea is to inspire a feeling of wonder in kids when it comes to the outdoors,' said Kelly Hedberg, program instructor and founder of Dig It! Outdoors, an after-school gardening program that specializes in garden-based education for children, adults and educators in Arizona schools, community and public settings.​

'In school we don't really learn about nature,' said Jackson Sitchler, 10, who attends Ward Traditional Academy in Tempe. But he was clearly enjoying himself at YAWP — an anthropomorphized onion he drew to illustrate a writing assignment sparked dozens of questions from other kids wanting to know things like, Do onions have genders?"

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June 08, 2018

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