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2012 NWP Site Report


This year's NWP Site Report replaces the Continued Funding Application (CFA). The NWP Site Report serves the following audiences and purposes:

  • For your local site: to convene site leaders or your site's leadership team to reflect on and discuss the site's current programming and plans for sustaining and extending the work of your site;
  • For the national network: to share insights, strategies, and program ideas that may contribute to the sustainability of local sites throughout the national network; and
  • For the national office: to assess sites' interest in and capacity for future funding opportunities that may come to the network.

Please Note

  • The NWP Site Report can be submitted online only. Hard copies of the report can not be submitted. In addition, the supplemental files required in the past (site maps, ISI schedules, and signature pages) do not need to be submitted in 2012.
  • The site budget system is available as needed for planning your site's 2012-2013 finances. There is no funding for a core grant from NWP for the 2012-2013 program year.
  • See the reporting process overview on page 2 of the NWP Site Report for an outline of the second phase of the reporting process regarding no-cost extensions and continued association with the NWP national network of sites. More details about the second phase will be forthcoming.

Proposals are no longer being accepted. To view the original proposal information, click here.


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2012 NWP Site Report
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