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Technology Liaisons Network Grant

2010-2011 TLN Minigrants

The Technology Liaisons Network (TLN) offers minigrant funds to NWP sites on an annual basis. Every fall, TLN minigrants are offered as part of the special-focus networks minigrant program in conjunction with the NWP Continued Funding Application. Funding criteria and awards are determined through a peer-review process; grants are awarded in the spring of each year. This year, grants of $5,000 will be awarded to a select number of sites.

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Nine Participating Sites

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, California

The funds from this grant provide for four advanced academies to enhance the use of available technologies in local area schools. The focus of the work is to assist teachers by providing instruction in the use of technology and developing tools to improve the writing process in the schools. The academies are open to teacher-consultants currently affiliated with the site, including participants in the most recent invitational summer institute, and are held during the fall and spring semester. Each advanced academy addresses specific available technologies, including social networking sites and audio and video technologies. This project creates resources from examples of the teacher-consultants' work. The resources, writing samples, and an audio/video production of the work are shared on San Joaquin Valley Writing Project's website and Ning.

UCLA Writing Project, California

Because technology can enhance the teaching of writing, the teaching of various disciplines, and the connection between teachers and students, the work of this project focuses on creating a technology leadership team and infusing technology into the rituals and routines of the invitational summer institute and the English language learners yearly conference. This project offers Saturday technology workshops held during the fall and facilitated by the new Technology Leadership Team. The creation of this team helps to enhance communication among Writing Project teacher-consultants and the greater educational community.

Connecticut Writing Project - Fairfield, Connecticut

The goal of this project is to re-imagine and redesign the site's presence on the Web and, through that process, build the site's leadership capacity by creating a technology task force. The newly created Technology Task Force functions as a training ground for new site leadership and becomes a resource team prepared to assist other teacher-consultants in innovative uses of technology. The work will increase the site's ability to recruit new teachers to the Writing Project and will enrich the leadership skills of those already involved.

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project, Georgia

The Kennesaw Mountain Tech Team is building a partnership with upper-level technology administrators in the local school district through meetings focused on progressive possibilities for revising district-level Internet filtering/blocking policies. Engaging directly with district administration opens lines of communication and creates partnerships for future initiatives. The work of the Tech Team serves as a model for other sites interested in engaging local districts in substantive conversation about policy, access, and distributed decision-making systems.

Hawai`i Writing Project, Hawai`i

This minigrant funds the use of distance-learning technologies to provide professional development to inservice presenters across the Hawaiian Islands. An HWP teacher-consultant facilitates each participating neighbor island institute, and televised portions of the daily sessions are supplemented with island-specific face-to-face activities. Data are collected from pre/post institute surveys, online discussions, institute work samples, and classroom inquiry project portfolios.

Meadow Brook Writing Project, Michigan

This minigrant funds the development, promotion, and implementation of a series of six Technology Thursday workshops open to all teachers in Oakland and Macomb counties. Each workshop comprises an introduction to a software product, a discussion of how to develop assignments and projects using the software, and a hands-on workshop on how to use it. The goal is to continue running these workshops every year, providing the opportunity to develop and promote our set of inservice technology offerings.

Oregon WP Collaborative at George Fox, Oregon

This minigrant award supports the creation of a new technology team as part of Oregon Writing Project's leadership structure. The team supports the work of the site's tech liaison and expands opportunities for leadership, programming, and the use of technology within the organization. A study group with a yearlong focus provides the tech team with the time and experience to work together, assess local needs, and identify emerging leaders. The group also focuses on increasing the use of digital hardware and internet-based freeware in K-12 classrooms. The work of the project helps identify the technology needs, challenges, and strengths of the Oregon Writing Project and local schools. The project creates a platform to promote professional development programs and opportunities for teacher-consultants.

Rhode Island Writing Project, Rhode Island

Support from this award helps the Rhode Island Writing Project extend its work and that of teachers in classrooms by offering a 6-week afterschool technology institute. Teachers receive four 90-minute face-to-face sessions and two 90-minute sessions in a cyberspace classroom application that integrates technology and writing. Upon completion of the institute, teachers receive netbooks to help their students write in meaningful ways—to think, to wonder, to question, confirm, connect, reconsider, and generally process information through writing. The project helps teachers understand the many applications of technology in teaching and learning to improve writing. It also helps build site capacity for leadership in technology and in applying the teachers-teaching-teachers model of professional development to include the use of technology in its programs.

North Star of Texas Writing Project, Texas

This minigrant project is designed to enhance college readiness by integrating digital inquiry with writing instruction throughout the area served by the North Star of Texas Writing Project. It includes a one-day "open institute" for 25 teachers, with a nationally known workshop presenter focusing on digital inquiry to support academic writing instruction. Supporting first through twelfth grade teachers with concrete suggestions for inquiry-based writing instruction helps students use technology in powerful ways to gather information, process information, and present information to authentic audiences.


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